Fixture: Tag Rugby
Location: Chineham RFC, Mays Bounty, Fairfields Road
Date: Thursday, 13 th June
Time: 9:30am- approximately 3:00pm.
There will be two divisions of 8 in which schools will play their division games in the morning. The ¼ finals, semis and finals of the
trophy and plate will be played in the afternoon.
Transport and collection arrangements: We will be relying on parent transport to get us to and from sporting fixtures. Please
return the attached form if you are able to provide a lift and bring the relevant documents to the school office by Monday 10 th
June Children will not need to register at school. Can parents please drop children off at Mays Bounty by 9:30am. There is
limited car parking so car sharing is advised. Parents can attend the event.
You will need: Football boots, water bottle, lunch. Please wear your PE kit.