Hi there,

I hope this doesn't get lost with all the other emails you're no doubt being inundated with, but, as an aside, I thought you guys would like to know how superior your home schooling set-up and support is, compared to other schools.


So far, 'my child' has approached every day with excitement at what Miss Harding has set for him, the different tasks and activities has kept him fully occupied and set-up for the day.

Between us, we've created a timetable for him to work to and kept break times and PE sessions the same as when he would normally have them in school. It's the routine he's used to.

Hearing from our chums, other school have not been as supportive, organised or prepared for this, consequently both parents and kids are having daily meltdowns, so big well done to all of you for making this transition work so successfully.

As parents now working from home, and 'my child' working alongside us, having this structure has benefited us all.

Thank you, you should be really proud of what you have provided.