On Tuesday, Year 5 experienced a Virtual Field Trip using the Skype in the Classroom scheme to connect the year group with the Intrepid Sea, Air, Space Museum in New York City! 

During the call, we were connected with the museum and shown around the exhibits such as the Space Shuttle Pavilion which contains the Enterprise, the original prototype NASA orbiter. We were also shown other space modules such as the Gemini and the Soyuz TMA-6 capsules. 

We were also shown an experiment to demonstrate the effect of a vacuum on the human body with a cup of water, balloons and marshmallows exposed to a vacuum chamber showing how they expand and boil when the oxygen is removed. 

Finally, the pupils were given the chance to ask questions about everything they had seen before we ended the call.

We hope to be able to undertake more of these calls in the future with all the year groups in order to expand their learning to new locations which could not be visited in person. 

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