Meet the Year Group Team

Head of Year Class Teachers PTP Support
Miss H Cocker Mrs T Lund Mrs S Goddard
  Miss L Romaine  

Summer Topics

Before SATs week we will be continuing to prepare the children for the tests.



  • Using film clips as a writing stimulus
  • Information texts
  • Poetry

Grammar and Spelling:

  • In preparation for the Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling tests there will be discreet lessons focused on elements the children still struggle with. These will be integrated into their writing.


  • Our focus this term will be on answering a range of questions in the SATs style.
  • We will also be looking at book extracts and even a song or two!


We will be continuing with our focus on preparation for SATs style question, including occasional tests and feedback on how to solve the problems, in a variety of contexts.    

  • Addition and subtraction
  • Common factors and multiples
  • Averages, line and pie charts


Our topic this half term will be evolution and inheritance

  • Fossils provide evidence that living things have changed over time
  • Over time the characteristics that are most suited to the environment become increasingly common
  • Organisms reproduce and offspring have similar characteristics to parents
  • Variation exists within a population (and between offspring of same parents)
  • Organisms best suited to their environment are more likely to survive long enough to reproduce
  • Organisms best adapted to reproduce are more likely to do so

PSHE: Our topic this term is looking at how to deal with anxiety and the pressure of testing. We will then move onto looking at ‘Changing Relationships’.

RE: Our topic this term is Rights of Passage.

Geography: Our topic this term is Mayans.

Art: We will be painting landscapes inspired by famous impressionists. Along with looking at sculptures from the Mayan civilisation.

Computing: Masters of the Digiverse Film Project

P.E:  Athletics (Running and Jumping), Striking and Fielding Softball, Cricket & Rounders leading to competition

The children will also be starting to prepare for their end of year production.

Homework Routines are:

  • English homework (reading, grammar or spelling based) and maths homework will be sent out Monday and due in the following Monday.
  • Spellings will be set weekly.
  • Reading should be completed a minimum of 4 times per week and the children, no matter how fluent a reader they are, should be heard to read by an adult and discuss the text to check their understanding.
  • Times tables practice and related division facts should be done daily and recorded in the Home School Diary.