An opportunity to represent our peers

Castle Hill Primary School belongs to all of us, so our opinions matter. We have a School Council (which we call Student Senate) which means that everybody's voice can be heard.

In September, pupils from each year group make speeches and their peers vote for who they want to represent them as a member of the Student Senate. Each class votes for two children usually a boy and a girl. The teachers also have a vote and they can nominate children for all sorts of reasons.  

Regularly, each class will operate a class council, in which the whole class will have an opportunity to take part in a discussion about a set topic. The three Student Senators will then present the best ideas to the School Council.

The Student Senate meet regularly with Mr Martin and Miss Wheble at Rooksdown or Mr Martin and Miss Mould at Greenbank.  The meetings begin with a greeting of "salutations!" and then we talk about issues raised at class level. We have a chairperson who leads our meetings and Miss Wheble and Miss Mould help us make decisions.

Senate Members Greenbank:

Year 3 Miss Mould
Otis G
Isla E
Matthew B (term)

Year 3 Miss Vickery
Rudy B
Isla S
Poppy H (term)

Year 4 Miss Reed
Joshua B
Imogen W
Annabelle B (term)

Year 4 Miss Nightingale
Etuge N
Millie W
Jacob H (term)
Year 5 Miss Edwards
Milo B
Piper R
Roceall R (term)
Year 5 Miss Scarles
Finlay FB
Raya T
Rhys G (term)
Year 6 Mrs Thomas
Riley M
Maddie H
Joshua S (term)

Year 6 Miss Lounton
Archie H
Ella J
Erin E (term)














Senate Members Rooksdown:

Year R Miss Gill
Rio LF
Mia D
Kseniya Z (term)
Year R Mrs Cook/Mrs Moses
Joshua F
Ceceilia W
Alfie M (term)

Year 1 Miss Wyers
Charlie B
Alice B
Shyla J (term)

Year 1 Miss Austin
George F
Isla S
Elsie-Jane W (term)
Year 2 Miss Hopkins
Finnley G
Sophia B
Elenor S (term)
Year 2 Miss Leavey
Harry C
Eesha M
Oscar E (term)
Year 3 Miss Smart
Taylor F
Katie M
Logan M (term)
Year 3 Mrs Boswell
Percy J
Lara W
Joshua D (term)
Year 4 Miss Harding
Freddie P
Alexis M
Ella N (term)
Year 4 Mr Smith
Mason C
Liliana A
Logan R (term)
Year 5 Miss Harding/Mrs Barker
Timi O
Lana W
Zidaan A (term)
Year 5 Miss Bellars
Robbie A
Evie F
Elsie M (term)

Year 6 Mr Barraclough
Benjamin B
Marina M
Isla T (term)


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