Each Friday we choose a child from each class for our Merit Assemblies - this award can be made for displaying a positive attitude, excellent work, behaviour, progress or exceptional achievement.

Week ending 12th October 2018

Year Class Winning Group Special Merit Top Scorer
6 Miss Rossiter   Special merit:   
Learner of the week: 
6 Miss Edwards Mozart Special merit: Teigan - persevering in Maths club Thorsten
Learner of the week: Sophie - good collaboration and good 12th Night writing
5 Mrs Lund/Miss Unstead Mozart Special merit: Lexi - being a delight to teach Tamanna
Learner of the week: Malakai - showing resilience in your work
5 Miss Lounton Elgar Special merit: Ethan - focus enthusiasm & handwriting effort Areeba
Learner of the week: Mia - collaboration & confidence to give something a go!
4 Miss Wyers Vivaldi Special Merit: Boubacar - kindness to others & great discussion Jacob Y
Learner of the week: Aimee - confidence in Maths
4 Mr Barraclough Vivaldi Special merit: Joshua - taking care with presentation Seb
Learner of the week: Anshu - growing in confidence
3 Miss Light Elgar Special merit: Tayton - working very hard in every lesson Danny S
Learner of the week: Joshua - risk taking & improving confidence in Maths
3 Miss Reed Vivaldi  Special merit: Samuel - doing what is asked & more Grace
Learner of the week: Ellis - showing resilience in Maths
Charter Marks 
Pen Licence