Head Boy & Girl

In Year Six, pupils have the opportunity for more responsibility and leadership opportunities.  Our highest honours are to be voted a Head Boy or Head Girl.

We have other positions of responsibility including Deputy Head Boy, Deputy Head Girls, Senior Prefects to name but a few.

In September the Year 5 pupils interested in these roles are invited to give a speech in front of the whole school.  We all listen and then everyone gets a vote; every child and every adult!  Pupils with the most votes become the Head Boys and Head Girls.

From September 2021 the following pupils hold these positions:

Head Boys - TBC

Deputy Head Boys - TBC

Head Girls - TBC

Deputy Head Girls - TBC

Congratulations to these pupils. We are confident that they will be excellent representative of our school.

During the year we watch all the year 6 pupils’ carefully and if they show exemplary attitude we can promote pupils.