At Castle Hill Primary School (Greenbank Campus) we have four colour groups or ‘Houses’ that help us organise the children within classes.  At the beginning of each term your child is put into a colour group. The four colour groups are:

  • Beethoven - Blue
  • Elgar - Green
  • Vivaldi - Yellow
  • Mozart - Red

Within each class, each colour group has a Captain and Vice-Captain who are voted in by their peers. These Captains and Vice Captains are expected to perform certain duties and be responsible for encouraging the rest of their team to work hard and achieve merit points.  It is a very important role!  As the children change groups on a termly basis over the year many children will have this opportunity of responsibility and leadership.

All week children earn merits for all sorts of positive reasons, here are just a few examples;

  • Completing and handing in homework on time
  • Working well with others
  • Taking part in class discussions
  • Completing class tasks competently
  • Being polite and well-mannered to others.

The children’s merits are totalled up weekly and on Friday afternoons, in our Merit Assembly, the top scoring colour group from each class are celebrated.

At our Rooksdown Campus it is still early days but we will be developing a similar leadership system… Watch this space!