Hello and welcome to the CHPS Fundraising Friends

Who are we?
We are a group made up of teachers, a grandparent and parents with children at the school. Everyone is welcome and we meet a couple of times a term to discuss ways of fundraising for current/future projects.

Next Meeting?
Our next Welcome Meeting will be Thursday 15th September 2021 from 5-6pm. This will be held via Zoom. Please find the poster below:

FF Welcome Meeting Poster

Our latest event!

Smarties Challenge and Christmas Cards (see letters below)

What are we raising money for 2020-2021?

We would like to continue to subsidise school trips by £1000 each academic year, this is one way of really helping out all families by bringing down the cost of all school trips across the year. Again, this year we would like to be able to purchase year books for our Year 6 leavers, this is becoming a bit of a tradition and something our Year 6 leavers look forward to receiving, many look back and refer to their leavers books years down the line!

Due to COVID, 2020 has highlighted the need and the advantages of outdoor learning and classroom spaces. It would be fantastic if we could start building a ‘pot of funds’ to help purchase an outdoor classroom space (a lodge type building), an exciting, fresh and alternative environment for the teachers to educate our children in. An outdoor classroom would provide an engaging and motivational place for little minds to learn, helping our children to reconnect with nature and realise their potential. Obviously, this is a big project and something that may need to be our goal over the next couple of academic years or maybe with your help we could make this is a possibility sooner! Watch this space!

We recently put together a video for our big project which can be viewed here:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cS-SNaZPzM5DqWOXEoJq5dS-kG2konju/view

How do we raise money?
We have a dedicated PTA Events website that has links to all of our events and also our online shop. This website enables online transactions with delivery of any items purchased being delivered via your child's classroom. 
In our online shop you are able to purchase:

  • Event Tickets
  • Nearly New Uniform
  • Event Merchandise

Please register on our website to ensure you are keeping up to date with all events - www.pta-events.co.uk/gbff

We raise money through a variety of activities, these include an Easter raffle, summer and Christmas fayres, and school discos throughout the year and many other exciting activities.

Greenbank 100 Lottery Club!
We would like to introduce you to our ‘Greenbank Fundraising Friends 100 Lottery Club’. 
Lottery Clubs are a popular way of raising money for schools and other charities, especially during this awful COVID time! It is a private, monthly lottery and is open to all parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and staff. New members can join at any time. 
The main features are:
• The Lottery is drawn monthly throughout the academic year (Oct 2020 – July 2021) with 2 CASH prizes per month
• One lottery number costs £2 per month
• A maximum of 2 numbers can be purchased per household
If you are interested in joining the lottery, all you need to do is complete the following ‘Google Form’ (just copy and paste into your internet web browser). https://forms.gle/qVs35zGF8iX4gfux9
Please find below a letter with all of the information you should need, if there are any questions, please direct them to the Fundraising Friends Team instead of the main school email. Our email address is: gbff@chjs.net Once you have signed up and paid the amount via bank transfer, you will be allocated a 'Lottery Number' before our first draw!

How do I become a member of CHPS Fundraising Friends?

No special skills are required, just a willingness to lend a hand at events and bring along any fantastic ideas you may have to help raise money to meet out goals. Our children are very special and if by giving a little of your time to make these projects happen it's well worth it!!

Email: gbff@chjs.net

Fundraising Friends Greenbank Letters