Day Extra Curriculum Activities/After School Clubs Time Location
Monday Sporting Champions (Year 5) 3pm - 4pm Greenbank
  Italian Club (All Years) 3pm - 3:45pm Greenbank
Tuesday Rocksteady 1pm - 3pm Greenbank
Allotment - (Summer Term only) 3pm - 4pm Greenbank
Challenger Sports Street Games (Years 3&4) 3pm - 4pm Greenbank
Wednesday HMS Listen2Me (Year 3) 1pm - 3pm Greenbank
Keyboard Lessons 2pm - 3pm Greenbank
Challenger Sports Street Games (Years 5&6) 3pm - 4pm Greenbank
Thursday Guitar Lessons 10am - 12pm Greenbank
French Club 3pm - 3.35pm Greenbank
Allotment - (Summer term only) 3pm - 4pm Greenbank
Friday Sporting Champions (Year 6) 3pm - 4pm Greenbank


Unfortunately, due to Covid, we've been unable to run the Allotment Club in the past year. However, we are currently in the process of clearing away weeds and tidying up with the help of volunteers from the Prince's Trust. The Allotment will stay closed over the winter months and will restart again in Spring 2022. 

Allotment club usually runs Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3.00-4.00pm and has won several awards over the years.

Challenger Sports

For more information on the after school sessions please contact ourselves on 07860938302 or email To join our sessions, please head to the below website, register an account before selecting the Castle Hill Primary School After School Club that you wish your child to attend. If you encounter any issues please feel free to contact us on 07860938302, and we will assist you further.

For more information on our programmes, or to book on, please visit the website:

French Club - LinguaTastic

This will be held on a Thursday after school until 3.35pm. Should you wish to register your child, please e-mail with their full name, class and campus. Places will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Guitar Lessons

Lewis Barker runs guitar lessons during school on Thursday. To register your child or any inquiry please email:

Italian Club

For all year groups run on a Monday afterschool by Miss Unida. Through interactive and engaging tasks, the children will cover a range of topics including: Numbers and time, Naming days, months and seasons, How to describe the weather, Italian festivals and traditions, How to describe the human body and Famous Italian places and people.

Keyboard Lessons

Mr D Lambourn is our Keyboard Teacher at Greenbank. He has an abundance of teaching experience and is well known at Brighton Hill Community School and St Mary's School in Basingstoke.

Should you have any questions about the class please feel free to contact Mr Lambourn directly on or call him on 07838 248531.


Hampshire Music Service deliver a whole-class instrumental and vocal teaching programme for all primary school children. They offer tuition and provide equipment on a choice of three different instruments. Pupils spend one term on each instrument. This approach helps children make an informed choice when wanting to learn an instrument at a higher level.

Rocksteady Music School

Learn to play in a band. The children can choose from the electric guitar, keyboard, drums or vocals and lessons are during school on Tuesday. For more information about Rocksteady visit:

Sporting Champions

Sporting Champions is an initiative that targets children who excel in the sporting field, run by Mr Moria on 07974 980672.

This program will challenge athletes both physically and mentally in a fun manner using a variety of sports, games and activities. It will help to improve agility, balance, speed of thought and game decision making. Your child will be selected to participate in this program.

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