At Castle Hill we have an ‘open door’ policy and are keen that you make contact with us quickly with any feedback or queries. We do however ask that you follow some simple guidelines to ensure the safety of the children on site:

  • Always enter the building via reception so we know who is on site
  • Please do not come into the school via side doors even if they are open
  • The Greenbank pedestrian gates at the front and back of the school are open between 8am-9:15am and at the end of the day between 2:45pm and 5:15pm. At all other times the gates are always secure and opened by an intercom system
  • Please try to avoid morning meetings as staff are preparing for the day
  • We keep Monday night clear of meetings as this is a staff meeting night
  • If your concern is small send a note into school via the home school diaries or a letter.

No dogs should be brought onto the school site for health and safety reasons.

If your child attends an after school club we ask that you collect your child from the back of the school halls (fire exit doors), where they will be signed out by the Club Leaders. Due to a change in the administrative team staff structure, there will be fewer staff available at the end of the day and we ask that you avoid unnecessary interruptions to their working environment.

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