Welcome to our web site and thank you for your interest in Castle Hill Primary School.

Our motto “Aiming for Excellence” and “Manners Matter” captures the essence of our school's key aims. We wish to provide the very best for your child in a disciplined, hardworking and, most importantly, happy environment.

Our ethos has continually been cited as “outstanding” by numerous external assessors. This is due to a dynamic, productive and very close relationship with our school community. If you value high expectations, manners, school uniform, competition and hard work as highly as we do, then come and visit us.

If you feel you would bring a similar approach to the school community please be assured of a warm welcome.

Mr John DF Martin MA
Executive Headmaster, Castle Hill Primary School

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our website.

Castle Hill Primary School is an outstanding school with an exceptionally talented team who are committed to bringing the best out of your child. The team works closely with the Governing Body, parents and the local community striving to achieve our motto of "Aiming for Excellence".

We also believe that "Manners Matter" and aim to prepare your child for the future by providing them a structured, disciplined, aspirational, yet happy working environment. It is our belief that by working towards these aims, and with the right support, every child has the ability to reach their full potential. If you share our values and vision, I would encourage you to come and visit us where, I am sure, you will be made to feel most welcome.

Mr Graeme Train
Chair of Governing Body