The school's attendance percentage aim is 97%, a reflection we think of the fact that Castle Hill Primary School children want to come to our school.

Absence Procedure

If you keep your child at home due to illness, it's important to phone the school office by 9am leaving their name and a reason. To leave a voice message select which campus you require, then press 2 for absences. Please continue to call each morning until your child returns to school (unless it's a long term illness/medical condition or the 48 hours required after vomiting).

When a child is absent from school and no notification has been received, we will telephone all contact numbers for that child, in the order notified by the parent, until we make contact with someone and obtain an explanation for the child’s absence. If the contact does not pick up we will leave a voicemail message where possible. If by 10am we have not managed to speak to any of the contacts provided, the Senior Leadership Team will make a decision about further action. This will range from making a record but no further action, to making a home visit to contacting the Police. It is therefore very important that you contact the school office and leave a message on each day of your child’s absence from school. Thank you.

School Day Times

Drop-off and Collection Arrangements

From Monday 25th April we will revert back to our pre-Covid school day see table below. If you have children in different key stages, you will need to drop off at the earlier time. Children arriving after the drop off times below will need to report via the main reception where they will have to be signed in by a parent and give the reason for their lateness.

Key Stage Drop Off Time Collection Time
EYFS & KS1 (Year R – 2) 08:45-09:00 15:00
KS2 (Year 3 – 6) 08:35-08:50 15:00



Every Day Counts